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As a child growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, I knew I wanted to be a nurse and that I wanted to work with babies. Little did I know then that my journey would ultimately lead me to midwifery. I heard about midwifery as a nursing student rotating through Labor and Delivery. Someone suggested that I become a midwife. The more I learned about midwifery, the more I realized that this was God's calling on my life. 

I began my midwifery studies as an apprentice to a midwife in Tennessee after moving to North Alabama in 2013. Though I loved what I was doing, I needed a different pace. It was then I decided to attend Frontier Nursing University and pursue a master's degree and the Certified Nurse Midwife credential. 

After graduating, I moved to a suburb of Annapolis, MD and worked as a CNM in a busy free-standing birth center with hospital privileges. My work was fulfilling, but my dream to provide options to families of the Tennessee Valley persisted. I decided to move back to the Tennessee Valley in order to provide women and families with the same safe, evidence-based, low intervention care I provided in the birth center.

As a Christian, I believe that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and that children are blessings given to us from above. Pregnancy and birth are a normal part of the design of the female body. I love working with families throughout the experience of bringing new life into this beautiful world. 

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